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Magic - Pots non-woven pots made in Russia
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Гроутент размером 60x60x120см

5 000 РУБЛЕЙ


 Специальная Акция на Чудо-Грошок™

Горшок в модели "Стандарт" 10 литров

Всего за 38 рублей !!!

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 На нашем сайте появилась новая статья посвященная выращеванию в теплицаках по типу гроубокс или гроутент. В статье мы выяснили различия при вырашевание indoor и outdoor. Так же был затронут важный момент внутренних состовляющих.

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 www.Growboxbl.ru лучший выбор готовых гроубоксов

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The Magic-Pots is made of a highly resistant, non-woven plastic-based fabric. It protects the plant from a number of external factors, is highly durable, and completely reusable Compared to «traditional» pots, made of plastic, clay and ceramics, these non-woven pots ensure the proper conditions for plants to grow and prosper.

Because it is inherently aerated, the Magic-Pots™ allows oxygen to pass through to the root system, creating ideal conditions for its development. Your plants will absorb only the amount of water they need, and any access water will evaporate through the sides of the pot. Over-watering is an especially costly issue for gardeners and farmers alike. Over-watering causes irreversable damage to the root, leading the plant to rot and, ultimately, wither.

Thanks to the Magic-Pot technology, which allows roots to breathe and expells any excess water, over-watering and the rotting is no longer a threat to your plants! The Magic-Pots will prevent one of the most common ailments: overly wet substrate.


The fabric of the Magic-Pots is resistant to the following external factors:

1.       Fungus

2.       Mould

3.       Harmful microorganisms

4.       Rotting of the root

5.       Wet substrate

6.       Temperature changes

7.       Breakage and falls

8.       Mineral-based, organic, and all other plant feed


Benefits: Aside from being incredibly durable, and resistant to all of the potential dangers listed above, the Magic-Pots is also eco-friendly, and completely safe for plants and humans. Furthermore, these materials do not attract rodents or insects, and contain filtering and draining properties. When kept outside in warm weather, soil heats up quickly in the Magic-Pots™, which promotes better plant growth. That said, the breathability of the pot prevents the soil from over-heating and keeps it oxygenated.

Air-pruning is one of the most important advantages of the Magic-Pots™. In regular pots, when the roots of the plant are not exposed to air, they continue to grow around the container. This impedes the plant's ability to grow.

In the Magic-Pots™, however the roots are able to penetrate the walls of the pot and are exposed to air, causing them to dry up. The plant is then able to constantly produce new and healthy roots. In applicable cases, this technology greatly increaes the chances of a successful harvest in the long run.  


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David Servantez
Thanks mpots, good price, nice quality, fast shipping. Had bought them on ebay.
mpots really good company!!! I buy ten pots! they are good quality a think my plants will grow hight in this pots! Thx guys
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